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struct IfcGeom::filter

Subclassed by IfcGeom::entity_filter, IfcGeom::wildcard_filter

Public Functions

filter(bool incl, bool trav, bool trav_openings = false)
bool match(IfcUtil::IfcBaseEntity *prod, const filter_t &pred) const
bool traverse_match(IfcUtil::IfcBaseEntity *prod, const filter_t &pred) const

Public Members

bool include

Should the product be included (true) or excluded (false).

bool traverse

If traversal requested, traverse to the parents to see if they satisfy the criteria. E.g. we might be looking for children of a storey named “Level 20”, or children of entities that have no representation, e.g. IfcCurtainWall.

bool traverse_openings

Include opening relationships as part of traversal.

std::string description

Optional description for the filtering criteria of this filter.