Struct Ifc4x3_rc1::IfcVoidingFeatureTypeEnum

Nested Relationships

This struct is a nested type of Struct Ifc4x3_rc1.

Struct Documentation

struct Ifc4x3_rc1::IfcVoidingFeatureTypeEnum

Public Types

enum Value

Definition from IAI: This enumeration qualifies a voiding feature regarding its shape and configuration relative to the voided element.

HISTORY New type in IFC 2x4.


CUTOUT An internal cutout (creating an opening) or external cutout (creating a recess) of arbitrary shape. The edges between cutting planes may be overcut or undercut, i.e. rounded. NOTCH An external cutout of with a mostly rectangular cutting profile. The edges between cutting planes may be overcut or undercut, i.e. rounded. HOLE A circular or slotted or threaded hole, typically but not necessarily of smaller dimension than what would be considered a cutout. MITER A skewed plane end cut, removing material across the entire profile of the voided element. CHAMFER A skewed plane end cut, removing material only across a part of the profile of the voided element. EDGE A shape modification along an edge of the element with the edge length as the predominant dimension of the feature, and feature profile dimensions which are typically much smaller than the edge length. Can for example be a chamfer edge (differentiated from a chamfer by its ratio of dimensions and thus usually manufactured differently), rounded edge (a convex edge feature), or fillet edge (a concave edge feature). USERDEFINED A user-defined type of voiding feature. NOTDEFINED An undefined type of voiding feature.


enumerator IfcVoidingFeatureType_CUTOUT
enumerator IfcVoidingFeatureType_NOTCH
enumerator IfcVoidingFeatureType_HOLE
enumerator IfcVoidingFeatureType_MITER
enumerator IfcVoidingFeatureType_CHAMFER
enumerator IfcVoidingFeatureType_EDGE
enumerator IfcVoidingFeatureType_USERDEFINED
enumerator IfcVoidingFeatureType_NOTDEFINED

Public Static Functions

IFC_PARSE_API const char *ToString(Value v)
IFC_PARSE_API Value FromString(const std::string &s)