Struct Ifc4x3_rc1::IfcProtectiveDeviceTypeEnum

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This struct is a nested type of Struct Ifc4x3_rc1.

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struct Ifc4x3_rc1::IfcProtectiveDeviceTypeEnum

Public Types

enum Value

The IfcProtectiveDeviceTypeEnum specifically defines the range of different breaker unit types that can be used in conjunction with protective device. Types may also be used as a reference to a complete protective device in circumstances where tripping units are not separately identified (typically expected to be the case during earlier stages of design).

HISTORY: New type in IFC 2x2. Modified definition and usage in IFC 2x4


FUSEDISCONNECTOR: A device that will electrically open the circuit after a period of prolonged, abnormal current flow. CIRCUITBREAKER: A mechanical switching device capable of making, carrying, and breaking currents under normal circuit conditions and also making, carrying for a specified time and breaking, current under specified abnormal circuit conditions such as those of short circuit. EARTHINGSWITCH: A safety device used to open or close a circuit when there is no current. Used to isolate a part of a circuit, a machine, a part of an overhead line or an underground line so that maintenance can be safely conducted. EARTHLEAKAGECIRCUITBREAKER: A device that opens, closes, or isolates a circuit and has short circuit protection but no overload protection. It attempts to break the circuit when there is a leakage of current from phase to earth, by measuring voltage on the earth conductor. RESIDUALCURRENTCIRCUITBREAKER: A device that opens, closes, or isolates a circuit and has short circuit and overload protection. It attempts to break the circuit when there is a difference in current between any two phases. May also be referred to as ‘Ground Fault Interupter (GFI)’ or ‘Ground Fault Circuit Interuptor (GFCI)’ RESIDUALCURRENTSWITCH: A device that opens, closes or isolates a circuit and has no short circuit or overload protection. May also be identified as a ‘ground fault switch’. VARISTOR: A high voltage surge protection device. USERDEFINED: User-defined type. NOTDEFINED: Undefined type.


enumerator IfcProtectiveDeviceType_CIRCUITBREAKER
enumerator IfcProtectiveDeviceType_EARTHLEAKAGECIRCUITBREAKER
enumerator IfcProtectiveDeviceType_EARTHINGSWITCH
enumerator IfcProtectiveDeviceType_FUSEDISCONNECTOR
enumerator IfcProtectiveDeviceType_RESIDUALCURRENTSWITCH
enumerator IfcProtectiveDeviceType_VARISTOR
enumerator IfcProtectiveDeviceType_ANTI_ARCING_DEVICE
enumerator IfcProtectiveDeviceType_SPARKGAP
enumerator IfcProtectiveDeviceType_VOLTAGELIMITER
enumerator IfcProtectiveDeviceType_USERDEFINED
enumerator IfcProtectiveDeviceType_NOTDEFINED

Public Static Functions

IFC_PARSE_API const char *ToString(Value v)
IFC_PARSE_API Value FromString(const std::string &s)