Struct Ifc4x3_rc1::IfcElectricMotorTypeEnum

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This struct is a nested type of Struct Ifc4x3_rc1.

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struct Ifc4x3_rc1::IfcElectricMotorTypeEnum

Public Types

enum Value

The IfcElectricMotorTypeEnum defines the range of different types of electric motor that can be specified. HISTORY: New type in IFC 2x2


DC: A motor using either generated or rectified D.C. power. INDUCTION: An alternating current motor in which the primary winding on one member (usually the stator) is connected to the power source and a secondary winding or a squirrel-cage secondary winding on the other member (usually the rotor) carries the induced current. There is no physical electrical connection to the secondary winding, its current is induced. POLYPHASE: A two or three-phase induction motor in which the windings, one for each phase, are evenly divided by the same number of electrical degrees.

RELUCTANCESYNCHRONOUS: A synchronous motor with a special rotor design which directly lines the rotor up with the rotating magnetic field of the stator, allowing for no slip under load.

SYNCHRONOUS: A motor that operates at a constant speed up to full load. The rotor speed is equal to the speed of the rotating magnetic field of the stator; there is no slip. USERDEFINED: User-defined type. NOTDEFINED: Undefined type.


enumerator IfcElectricMotorType_DC
enumerator IfcElectricMotorType_INDUCTION
enumerator IfcElectricMotorType_POLYPHASE
enumerator IfcElectricMotorType_RELUCTANCESYNCHRONOUS
enumerator IfcElectricMotorType_SYNCHRONOUS
enumerator IfcElectricMotorType_USERDEFINED
enumerator IfcElectricMotorType_NOTDEFINED

Public Static Functions

IFC_PARSE_API const char *ToString(Value v)
IFC_PARSE_API Value FromString(const std::string &s)