Struct Ifc4x3_rc1::IfcDuctSilencerTypeEnum

Nested Relationships

This struct is a nested type of Struct Ifc4x3_rc1.

Struct Documentation

struct Ifc4x3_rc1::IfcDuctSilencerTypeEnum

Public Types

enum Value

Enumeration defining the typical types of duct silencers. The IfcDuctSilencerTypeEnum contains the following:

FLATOVAL: Flat-oval shaped duct silencer type. RECTANGULAR: Rectangular shaped duct silencer type. ROUND: Round duct silencer type. USERDEFINED: User-defined duct silencer type. NOTDEFINED: Undefined duct silencer type.

HISTORY: New enumeration in IFC 2x2.


enumerator IfcDuctSilencerType_FLATOVAL
enumerator IfcDuctSilencerType_RECTANGULAR
enumerator IfcDuctSilencerType_ROUND
enumerator IfcDuctSilencerType_USERDEFINED
enumerator IfcDuctSilencerType_NOTDEFINED

Public Static Functions

IFC_PARSE_API const char *ToString(Value v)
IFC_PARSE_API Value FromString(const std::string &s)