Struct Ifc4x3_rc1::IfcDistributionSystemEnum

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This struct is a nested type of Struct Ifc4x3_rc1.

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struct Ifc4x3_rc1::IfcDistributionSystemEnum

Public Types

enum Value

This enumeration identifies different types of distribution systems.

HISTORY: New enumeration in IFC R2x4

Valid enumerations for pipes and related elements include:

CHEMICAL: Arbitrary chemical further qualified by property set, such as for medical or industrial use. CHILLEDWATER: Nonpotable chilled water, such as circulated through an evaporator. COMPRESSEDAIR: Compressed air system. CONDENSERWATER: Nonpotable water, such as circulated through a condensor. DOMESTICCOLDWATER: Unheated potable water distribution system. DOMESTICHOTWATER: Heated potable water distribution system. DRAINAGE: Drainage collection system. FIREPROTECTION: Fire protection sprinkler system. GAS: Methane distribution system. HAZARDOUS: Hazardous material or fluid collection system. HEATING: Heated water distribution system. OIL: Oil distribution system. RAINWATER: Rainwater resulting from precipitation which directly falls on a parcel. REFRIGERATION: Refrigerant distribution system for purposes of fulfilling all or parts of a refrigeration cycle. SEWAGE: Sewage collection system. STORMWATER: Stormwater resulting from precipitation which runs off or travels over the ground surface. VACUUM: Vacuum distribution system. VENT: Vent system for wastewater piping systems. WASTE: Waste collection system.

Valid enumerations for ducts and related elements include:

AIRCONDITIONING: Conditioned air distribution system for purposes of maintaining a temperature range within one or more spaces. EXHAUST: Exhaust air collection system for removing stale or noxious air from one or more spaces. VENTILATION: Ventilation air distribution system involved in either the exchange of air to the outside as well as circulation of air within a building.

Valid enumerations for cables and related elements include:

AUDIOVISUAL: A transport of a single media source, having audio and/or video streams. CONTROL: A transport or network dedicated to control system usage. DATA: A network having general-purpose usage. EARTHING: A path for equipotential bonding, conducting current to the ground. ELECTRICAL: A circuit for delivering electrical power. ELECTROACCOUSTIC: An amplified audio signal such as for loudspeakers. LIGHTING: A circuit dedicated for lighting, such as a fixture having sockets for lamps. LIGHTNINGPROTECTION: A path for conducting lightning current to the ground. POWERGENERATION: A path for power generation. SECURITY: A transport or network dedicated to security system usage. SIGNAL: A raw analog signal, such as modulated data or measurements from sensors. TELEPHONE: A transport or network dedicated to telephone system usage. TV: A transport of multiple media sources (e.g. analog cable, satellite, over-the-air).


enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_AIRCONDITIONING
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_AUDIOVISUAL
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_CHEMICAL
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_CHILLEDWATER
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_COMMUNICATION
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_COMPRESSEDAIR
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_CONDENSERWATER
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_CONTROL
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_CONVEYING
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_DATA
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_DISPOSAL
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_DOMESTICCOLDWATER
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_DOMESTICHOTWATER
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_DRAINAGE
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_EARTHING
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_ELECTRICAL
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_ELECTROACOUSTIC
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_EXHAUST
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_FIREPROTECTION
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_FUEL
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_GAS
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_HAZARDOUS
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_HEATING
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_LIGHTING
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_LIGHTNINGPROTECTION
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_MUNICIPALSOLIDWASTE
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_OIL
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_OPERATIONAL
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_POWERGENERATION
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_RAINWATER
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_REFRIGERATION
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_SECURITY
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_SEWAGE
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_SIGNAL
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_STORMWATER
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_TELEPHONE
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_TV
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_VACUUM
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_VENT
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_VENTILATION
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_WASTEWATER
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_WATERSUPPLY
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_CATENARY_SYSTEM
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_OVERHEAD_CONTACTLINE_SYSTEM
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_RETURN_CIRCUIT
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_USERDEFINED
enumerator IfcDistributionSystem_NOTDEFINED

Public Static Functions

IFC_PARSE_API const char *ToString(Value v)
IFC_PARSE_API Value FromString(const std::string &s)