Class IfcWriteArgument

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class IfcWrite::IfcWriteArgument : public Argument

This class is a writable container for attributes. A fundamental difference with the attribute types counterparts defined in the IfcParse namespace is that this class has a Boost.Variant member for storing its value, whereas the IfcParse classes only contain lazy references to byte offsets in the IFC-SPF file.

Public Functions

template<typename T>
const T &as() const
template<typename T>
boost::disable_if<boost::is_base_of<IfcUtil::IfcBaseClass, typename boost::remove_pointer<T>::type>, void>::type set(const T &t)
void set(const IfcEntityList::ptr &v)
void set(const IfcEntityListList::ptr &v)
void set(IfcUtil::IfcBaseClass *const &v)
operator int() const
operator bool() const
operator double() const
operator std::string() const
operator boost::dynamic_bitset() const
operator IfcUtil::IfcBaseClass*() const
operator std::vector<int>() const
operator std::vector<double>() const
operator std::vector<std::string>() const
operator std::vector<boost::dynamic_bitset>() const
operator IfcEntityList::ptr() const
operator std::vector<std::vector<int>>() const
operator std::vector<std::vector<double>>() const
operator IfcEntityListList::ptr() const
bool isNull() const
Argument *operator[](unsigned int i) const
std::string toString(bool upper = false) const
unsigned int size() const
IfcUtil::ArgumentType type() const
class Derived
class empty_aggregate_of_aggregate_t
class empty_aggregate_t
class EnumerationReference

Public Functions

EnumerationReference(int data, const char *enumeration_value)

Public Members

int data
const char *enumeration_value