Class IfcSpfStream

Class Documentation

class IfcParse::IfcSpfStream

The IfcSpfStream class represents a ISO 10303-21 IFC-SPF file in memory. The file is interpreted as a sequence of tokens which are lazily interpreted only when requested.

Public Functions

IfcSpfStream(const std::string &fn)
IfcSpfStream(std::istream &f, int len)
IfcSpfStream(void *data, int len)
char Peek()

Returns the character at the cursor.

char Read(unsigned int offset)

Returns the character at specified offset.

void Inc()

Increment the file cursor and reads new page if necessary.

void Close()
void Seek(unsigned int offset)

Moves the file cursor to an arbitrary offset in the file.

unsigned int Tell()

Returns the cursor position.

bool is_eof_at(unsigned int)
void increment_at(unsigned int&)
char peek_at(unsigned int)

Public Members

bool valid
bool eof
unsigned int size