Class Ifc4x3_rc1::IfcPropertyTemplate

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This class is a nested type of Struct Ifc4x3_rc1.

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class Ifc4x3_rc1::IfcPropertyTemplate : public Ifc4x3_rc1::IfcPropertyTemplateDefinition

The IfcPropertyTemplate is an abstract supertype comprising the templates for all dynamically extensible properties, either as an IfcComplexPropertyTemplate, or an IfcSimplePropertyTemplate. These templates determine the structure of:

in case of IfcComplexPropertyTemplate

an IfcComplexProperty an IfcPhysicalComplexQuantity

in case of IfcSimplePropertyTemplate

a subtype of IfcSimpleProperty a subtype of IfcPhysicalSimpleQuantity

The individual property templates are interpreted according to their Name attribute and may have a predefined property type, property unit, and property data type. A template however shall not have measure values, or quantity values assigned. .

NOTE Property templates can form part of a property library used and attached as part of a project library. In general the IfcPropertySetTemplate, containing the subtypes of IfcPropertyTemplate would be directly linked to the IfcProjectLibrary.

HISTORY New Entity in IFC2x4.

Subclassed by Ifc4x3_rc1::IfcComplexPropertyTemplate, Ifc4x3_rc1::IfcSimplePropertyTemplate

Public Types

typedef IfcTemplatedEntityList<IfcPropertyTemplate> list

Public Functions

IfcTemplatedEntityList<IfcComplexPropertyTemplate>::ptr PartOfComplexTemplate() const
IfcTemplatedEntityList<IfcPropertySetTemplate>::ptr PartOfPsetTemplate() const
const IfcParse::entity &declaration() const
IfcPropertyTemplate(IfcEntityInstanceData *e)
IfcPropertyTemplate(std::string v1_GlobalId, ::Ifc4x3_rc1::IfcOwnerHistory *v2_OwnerHistory, boost::optional<std::string> v3_Name, boost::optional<std::string> v4_Description)

Public Static Functions

const IfcParse::entity &Class()