Class Ifc4x2::IfcShadingDevice

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This class is a nested type of Struct Ifc4x2.

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class Ifc4x2::IfcShadingDevice : public Ifc4x2::IfcBuildingElement

Definition from IAI: Shading devices are purpose built devices to protect from the sunlight, from natural light, or screening them from view. Shading devices can form part of the facade or can be mounted inside the building, they can be fixed or operable. NOTE Also other building elements such as protruding slabs or balconies can act as shading devices. Those elements however have another primary purpose and are defined as IfcSlab or by other subtypes of IfcBuildingElement. The particular additional purpose as a shading device is provided by assigning the property set Pset_ElementShading to those building elements. HISTORY New entity in IFC2x4

Public Types

typedef IfcTemplatedEntityList<IfcShadingDevice> list

Public Functions

bool hasPredefinedType() const

Whether the optional attribute PredefinedType is defined for this IfcShadingDevice.

::Ifc4x2::IfcShadingDeviceTypeEnum::Value PredefinedType() const

Predefined generic type for a shading device that is specified in an enumeration. There may be a property set given specificly for the predefined types. NOTE The PredefinedType shall only be used, if no type object IfcShadingDeviceType is assigned, providing its own IfcShadingDeviceType.PredefinedType.

void setPredefinedType(::Ifc4x2::IfcShadingDeviceTypeEnum::Value v)
const IfcParse::entity &declaration() const
IfcShadingDevice(IfcEntityInstanceData *e)
IfcShadingDevice(std::string v1_GlobalId, ::Ifc4x2::IfcOwnerHistory *v2_OwnerHistory, boost::optional<std::string> v3_Name, boost::optional<std::string> v4_Description, boost::optional<std::string> v5_ObjectType, ::Ifc4x2::IfcObjectPlacement *v6_ObjectPlacement, ::Ifc4x2::IfcProductRepresentation *v7_Representation, boost::optional<std::string> v8_Tag, boost::optional<::Ifc4x2::IfcShadingDeviceTypeEnum::Value> v9_PredefinedType)

Public Static Functions

const IfcParse::entity &Class()