Class Ifc2x3::IfcRelAssociatesConstraint

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This class is a nested type of Struct Ifc2x3.

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class Ifc2x3::IfcRelAssociatesConstraint : public Ifc2x3::IfcRelAssociates

The entity IfcRelAssociatesConstraint is used to apply constraint information defined by IfcConstraint, in the IfcConstraintResource schema, to subtypes of IfcRoot.

HISTORY: New entity in IFC2x2.

Public Functions

std::string Intent() const

The intent of the constraint usage with regard to its related IfcConstraint and IfcObjects, IfcPropertyDefinitions or IfcRelationships. Typical values can be e.g. RATIONALE or EXPECTED PERFORMANCE.

void setIntent(std::string v)
::Ifc2x3::IfcConstraint *RelatingConstraint() const

Reference to constraint that is being applied using this relationship.

void setRelatingConstraint(::Ifc2x3::IfcConstraint *v)
const IfcParse::entity &declaration() const
IfcRelAssociatesConstraint(IfcEntityInstanceData *e)
IfcRelAssociatesConstraint(std::string v1_GlobalId, ::Ifc2x3::IfcOwnerHistory *v2_OwnerHistory, boost::optional<std::string> v3_Name, boost::optional<std::string> v4_Description, IfcTemplatedEntityList<::Ifc2x3::IfcRoot>::ptr v5_RelatedObjects, std::string v6_Intent, ::Ifc2x3::IfcConstraint *v7_RelatingConstraint)

Public Static Functions

const IfcParse::entity &Class()