Class Ifc2x3::IfcRelAssignsToControl

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This class is a nested type of Struct Ifc2x3.

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class Ifc2x3::IfcRelAssignsToControl : public Ifc2x3::IfcRelAssigns

The objectified relationship IfcRelAssignsToControl handles the assignment of a control (represented by subtypes of IfcControl) to other objects (represented by subtypes of IfcObject, with the exception of controls).

EXAMPLE The assignment of a performance history (as subtype of IfcControl) for a building service element (as subtype of IfcObject) is an application of this generic relationship.

HISTORY New Entity in IFC Release 2.0. Has been renamed from IfcRelControls in IFC Release 2x.

Subclassed by Ifc2x3::IfcRelAssignsTasks, Ifc2x3::IfcRelAssignsToProjectOrder, Ifc2x3::IfcRelSchedulesCostItems

Public Functions

::Ifc2x3::IfcControl *RelatingControl() const

Reference to the IfcControl that applies a control upon objects.

void setRelatingControl(::Ifc2x3::IfcControl *v)
const IfcParse::entity &declaration() const
IfcRelAssignsToControl(IfcEntityInstanceData *e)
IfcRelAssignsToControl(std::string v1_GlobalId, ::Ifc2x3::IfcOwnerHistory *v2_OwnerHistory, boost::optional<std::string> v3_Name, boost::optional<std::string> v4_Description, IfcTemplatedEntityList<::Ifc2x3::IfcObjectDefinition>::ptr v5_RelatedObjects, boost::optional<::Ifc2x3::IfcObjectTypeEnum::Value> v6_RelatedObjectsType, ::Ifc2x3::IfcControl *v7_RelatingControl)

Public Static Functions

const IfcParse::entity &Class()