Class Ifc2x3::IfcExtendedMaterialProperties

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This class is a nested type of Struct Ifc2x3.

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class Ifc2x3::IfcExtendedMaterialProperties : public Ifc2x3::IfcMaterialProperties

The IfcExtendedMaterialProperties assign a set of defined material properties to associated material definitions. This provides a mechanism to assign any material properties to material. Those material properties that are defined as part of the IFC specification are provided within the use definitions below. NOTE The usage of this entity has changed in IFC2x4, it is now used to express all material properties. The IfcProperty (instantiable subtypes) is used to express the individual material properties.

HISTORY New entity in Release IFC2x.

IFC2x4 CHANGE The attributes Name and Description are promoted to supertype, attribute ExtendedProperties has been renamed to Properties.

Extended property use definitions The following sets of material property definitions are part of this IFC release:

General Material Properties General Mechanical Properties

Steel Mechanical Properties Concrete Mechanical Properties Timber and Wood-based Mechanical Properties

General Thermal Properties General Hygroscopic Properties General Optical Properties General Water Properties General Fuel Properties General Products of Combustion Properties General Energy Calculation Properties

Public Functions

IfcTemplatedEntityList<::Ifc2x3::IfcProperty>::ptr ExtendedProperties() const
void setExtendedProperties(IfcTemplatedEntityList<::Ifc2x3::IfcProperty>::ptr v)
bool hasDescription() const

Whether the optional attribute Description is defined for this IfcExtendedMaterialProperties.

std::string Description() const
void setDescription(std::string v)
std::string Name() const
void setName(std::string v)
const IfcParse::entity &declaration() const
IfcExtendedMaterialProperties(IfcEntityInstanceData *e)
IfcExtendedMaterialProperties(::Ifc2x3::IfcMaterial *v1_Material, IfcTemplatedEntityList<::Ifc2x3::IfcProperty>::ptr v2_ExtendedProperties, boost::optional<std::string> v3_Description, std::string v4_Name)

Public Static Functions

const IfcParse::entity &Class()