Class GeometrySerializer

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class GeometrySerializer : public Serializer

Subclassed by OpenCascadeBasedSerializer, SvgSerializer, WaveFrontOBJSerializer

Public Functions

GeometrySerializer(const SerializerSettings &settings)
bool isTesselated() const = 0
void write(const IfcGeom::TriangulationElement<real_t> *o) = 0
void write(const IfcGeom::BRepElement<real_t> *o) = 0
void setUnitNameAndMagnitude(const std::string &name, float magnitude) = 0
const SerializerSettings &settings() const
SerializerSettings &settings()
std::string object_id(const IfcGeom::Element<real_t> *o)

Returns ID for the object depending on the used setting.

Protected Attributes

SerializerSettings settings_